IRS Problem Resolution

Dealing with the IRS without expert tax knowledge amidst tax controversies is a risky move. You are playing with the possibility of wage garnishments, levies, liens and more penalties. They can easily manipulate you and harass you if you don’t have sufficient knowledge. Also, your requests such as offer in compromise might not be granted without a good strategy. This can lead to long term burdens.

Paramount Business Advisors are qualified to represent you in resolving tax problems with the IRS. Having worked for IRS before, we know how to make the system work with us instead of against us. With our expertise, IRS will work with us.

Interaction with the IRS can be intimidating and a bit discouraging. It helps to have someone who knows exactly what to do in order to resolve tax controversies and to be confident with audits. Handling Tax issues require expertise and experience. Paramount Business Advisors can assure you of handling your problems timely and thoroughly, while you focus on more important things such as your family and your business.

Audit: Defend You against IRS When Submitting Your Tax Returns

When dealing with IRS Audits, it is wise to be precise in answering their questions. No more, No less. Paramount Business Advisors will help you deal with the IRS, do the explanation and review for you, organize your return, and help you get through the audit unscathed.

Negotiate Payment Plans with the IRS

Dealing with back taxes? You can negotiate payment plans with the IRS! However, the end result is usually still favorable to them and not you. With proper planning and strategic negotiation, you can make the agreement beneficial for both parties. Paramount Business Advisors are well equipped with negotiating skills and tactics to make the IRS work with you.

Offer in Compromise

While IRS seems to be focused on getting Uncle Sam’s tax money, they are considerate enough to give you the chance to qualify for offer in compromise. Getting qualified, however, is a different task. Careful calculations and presentations of your capability to pay would greatly affect your chance of being qualified. Let a Tax Expert handle this for you.

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