CPA IRS Audit Representation

The intricate nature of the IRS tax codes and the changes that happens every now and then can lead to tax controversies. Not being able to handle this tax issues correctly can eventually lead to penalties, tax debts, and even imprisonment.

Fortunately, Paramount Business Advisors can expertly assist you in handling your tax problems and represent you before the IRS on audits and other resolution needs.

Quick and accurate resolution is the key to making IRS happy and the best way to do this is by letting tax resolution expert handle your disputes. Paramount Business Advisors spent decades working and dealing with the IRS and that experience lead to deep knowledge of how to effectively make the IRS work with you.

Tax resolution shouldn’t be hard to achieve. With accuracy, expertise, and experience, your tax controversies can be handled easily while you can keep your focus on your business success. Paramount Business Advisors are here to guide you each step of the way to avoid tax penalties, tax liens and minimize tax collections.

Time is of the essence. Work with an expert from Paramount Business Advisors today and enjoy the convenience you truly deserve.

Audit: Defend You against IRS When Submitting Your Tax Returns

Running your business comes with complicated tax returns. An audit might just be around the corner to visit you anytime soon. Having an expert represent you before the IRS can give you the confidence that your business is in good hands and that the IRS would be dealt with favorable to you.

Negotiate Payment Plans with the IRS

With your business up and running, handling your tax can sometimes be set aside, or your capability of paying might be affected. Paramount Business Advisors are highly skilled in negotiating payment plans with the IRS to avoid penalties while giving you time to recover. IRS shouldn’t be an enemy, but a partner.

Offer in Compromise

Getting IRS to have an agreement with you, wherein it would benefit, is not an easy task to do by yourself. A strategy in terms of calculation and presentation requires expertise to ensure approval and to gain agreement that would work best for you. We are here to make that

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