Why Choosing a CPA vs. A Tax Preparation Company Is the Wise Choice

Sure, sometimes you may cut corners to get things done quicker in life. You may put $10 in your gas tank just to get by when you know you really need $20 or more in gas. You may rush through something at work so you can leave at your regularly scheduled time instead of staying later and taking your time. You may even leave an ingredient out of a dish you are cooking instead of stopping and going to the store to get what you need.

You can cut corners with many things, but you do not want to cut corners when it comes to filing your taxes. You would not want your barber or stylist cutting corners with your haircut, so why cut corners with your money? This is what you are doing when you let a large chain such as H&R Block process your tax refund instead of a qualified CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Here are some of the reasons why you will likely receive less money or owe more money by letting a tax chain do your taxes:

  • Education

    The H&R Block representative that would likely do your taxes is only required to take a company course, and no college degree is required. That’s it. On the other hand, a CPA has to have a college degree in Accounting and pass a stringent State exam in order to hold the title. Therefore, your CPA will likely maximize your deductions due to continuing education while the H&R Block rep probably will not think outside of the boilerplate template system that the company uses.

  • Attention

    An H&R Block office may process thousands of tax refunds while only being staffed with a few employees. This means that your tax situation is only a number to them. Your CPA can get to know you and your tax liability, which will allow him or her to maximize your deductions each year because they know you and your particular case.

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