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While tax season may be seen as a dreadful financial time, we can look at the bright side by spotting opportunities to reduce our tax! But how?

Here, we’ve listed few effective ways on how you can lower your tax bill so you can save more money for yourself, your family, or your business:

Take Advantage of Retirement Account Contributions

One of the best ways to save on tax money is by paying yourself – through retirement accounts contributions that is!

Be Generous

It pays to be generous. Especially when it comes to tax, since IRS give deductions whenever you donate to your chosen charity.

Watch your Health

Some qualified plans can help you get a deduction of up to $6,500 ($3,300 for singles) in contributions made to Health Savings Accounts.

Make Energy Efficient Home Improvements

If you’ve had energy efficient home improvements such as solar panels or residential wind turbines, you can get a credit up to 30% of its cost with no cap.

Learn and Save

For those who paid eligible post-secondary education, you can also get credits for up to $2,500 per year for four years. Also, you may be able to get a $2,000 worth of Lifetime Learning Credit.

Pay off Debt

You can also get credits for your student loans of up to $2,500 in interest. Taking advantage of this can help lighten the burden of the debt.

Of course, those are only few of the many ways you can reduce your tax bill. The key is to know all the possible deductions and credits you can get to make your deductions a significant account. Contact us today to spot all the opportunities to reduce your tax bill for this year, and for the years to come!

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