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With the help of a good tax preparer for your personal or business taxes, you can probably save hundreds or thousands of dollars. But if you don’t choose your preparer wisely, your loss can be greater.

Taxes and finances are critical topics. It’s always wise to carefully scrutinize your candidates before choosing one to avoid higher taxes, penalties, and even fraud. Here are some tips to guide you:

Check Their Credentials

IRS requires paid tax preparers to have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). Also, check other organizations they are associated with and thoroughly check their history. This can help you check the work history and legitimacy of the preparer and eliminates or reduces the risk of fraud and failure to deliver results.

Go for a CPA

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) will always know more about taxes. Also, there are many CPAs that specialize in taxation. A CPA will also be able to represent you before the IRS if needed.

Up-to-date Knowledge

Tax laws are changing all the time. What may be common before may be illegal today. Ensure your tax preparer is aware of the current laws and has had a recent experience with personal or business tax preparation, whichever you might need.

Aggressive or Conservative?

There might be situations where you can play your returns in either an aggressive or a conservative way. Talk to your preparer to determine if he or she is the aggressive type who wants to take risks or the conservative type who downplays. A mix of both is ideal, but find one that would suit your style.


Choosing the right preparer can be hard and risky. Your choice can either save you money, or lose more money than you could have saved, not including the inconvenience it may bring when it comes to fixing errors.

Make sure you choose the right one. Contact us today at (678) 231-6140 and make your tax preparation a smooth and easy process.

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