Professional CPA Tax Accountant in Alpharetta, GA

With over 37 years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant, Terry L. Kime understands the importance of financial literacy. He decided to specialize in tax preparation, financial planning, and investing after obtaining his Master’s Degree in Science of Taxation in 1986 to help people gain more power over their money.

Packed with extensive experience working for the IRS, several small and large accounting firms, and his private practice in the financial industry, Terry L. Kime of Paramount Business Advisors aims to educate people and give them the financial freedom they truly deserve. Expertise, fueled by passion, is a surefire way to a successful and fulfilling financial future we all want.

Terry Kime is and active member in your community and is a senior tax accountant with over 37 years of experience. He will work with you to meet your needs and to reach your financial goals:

  •  Terry has experience working as an IRS agent for 3 years where he audited personal and business tax returns.
  •  Terry is a member of the Georgia Society of CPA’s
  •  Terry is a member of the Northwood Country Club
  •  Terry is an Ambassador at the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce

It’s Time to Call Terry Kime

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CPA in Alpharetta, GA Terry Kime